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Image by Alexander Grey - colourful powders

Catrina Young - Ms /she /her


I look forward to a world when there is no need to publicly state an ethos of inclusion but until then I want to reassure you that I am a fully inclusive celebrant.


I make no judgement on you or your loved ones whatever your gender, sexuality, race or religion.  I welcome enquiries from all walks of life and will do everything I can to make you and your families feel comfortable.


If you have any particular cultural, social or learning needs, please don’t hesitate to share them with me, in order that I can endeavour to respect you and them fully from our first encounter.


Having taught Religious Studies for more than 30 years, it may surprise you that I personally have no defined faith.  I do, however, hold a deep reverence and respect for the faith of others and have acquired an understanding of the beliefs and rituals of different communities.


If there is a particular religious reading or ritual you would like included in your ceremony, I will seek to support you.  If you want to reflect a blend of cultural or religious ideas I like to think I am well placed to help you.  Of course, if you wish for an entirely secular ceremony, that is fine too.

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handtying ceremony

I was trained for my role as a celebrant by Veronika and Paul Robinson of Heart-led Celebrants. I am forever grateful for the profound impact this training had on my life; it gave me the confidence to be my truly authentic self. The training was one to one and so was fully focused on making me the very best celebrant I could be.

More details of my training can be found in my blog, 'New Beginnings'.


As a Heart-led celebrant I am committed to the highest personal and professional standards in my work and to continuing professional development. There is no room for complacency in celebrancy - every individual, couple or family is unique and I learn something new from each and every encounter.

If you choose me to be your celebrant, you will work with someone fully committed to doing you, your loved one and your ceremony justice.

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