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Catrina Young, Heart-led Celebrant, Hardingstone Ceremonies

Creating a fitting farewell to our loved ones is our final gift to them and can offer some comfort to family and friends in the face of loss.


The ritual of a ceremony whether a traditional funeral, a Celebration of Life, a memorial or an interment provides an opportunity to reflect on a person’s life and consider their legacy to those left behind - people often speak of gaining some ‘closure’ from the right service.


You can include readings, poems, music and photographs as well as any symbolic rituals you choose.  I would be happy to discuss all these possibilities with you and would consider it my privilege to lead the service for your loved one.

If after our initial chat, you decide I am the celebrant for you, I will be pleased to:


  • Meet you at home or somewhere else if you prefer, to discuss in detail the contents of a funeral / memorial ceremony.  Please allow 2-3 hours for this meeting. It is important that we have time to really chat about your loved one, to consider the parts of their life that you want reflected in their farewell.

  • Create a unique ceremony to reflect the life of your loved one including a eulogy, readings and music of your choice.

  • Liaise with your funeral director about all aspects of the ceremony.

  • Provide a draft ceremony for your approval & to make any necessary adjustments.

  • Arrive at the venue at least 1/2 hr prior to the service - you do not want to be worrying about my arrival on the day!

  • Conduct a fitting tribute to your loved one with, professionalism, dignity and genuine care. 



Buddhist Prayer Wheels
ritual candles

If you are looking to consider or even plan your own funeral ceremony, I will be happy to meet with you as required.


I quite understand that such discussions can be physically and emotionally exhausting and may need to take place over a period of weeks or even months.  I will be led by you.

In loving memory

“Catrina was the first person to befriend me....

 Her openness and preparedness to talk about any situation, no matter how difficult, made her a perpetual mate and confidante as well as a trusted friend.”


Martyn Gower

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